It was Mozart's quest for perfection that gave rise to the basset clarinet.
Invented and built by the Viennese instrument maker Theodor Lotz and first played by Anton Stadler, the basset clarinet has since been a source of fascination.
The basset is known for its extraordinary pitch range and exceptional sound, as well as its unique charm and mystic lore.
The new Gerold Basset clarinet brings these virtues into the present.
New, innovatively designed ergonomic thumb keys make the basset notes much easier to play.
Minimal horizontal and diagonal thumb movements open up new technical possibilities, new musical challenges and new artistic horizons.
With its continuous micro-parabolic inner bore and a bell d'amore, both infused with the attributes of a Solista d'arte or Vienna Style, this basset clarinet will excite and inspire musicians looking for new ways to hone their craft.
A musical legacy reinterpreted to create a touching, fulfilling and unforgettable sound.