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A-Clarinet d'amore

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Bell d‘amore

Basset Clarinet d'amore


Craftsmanship. Expertise. Innovation. All united and perfected in a master instrument.
Smooth, supple, touching sound. Deeply emotional. Refreshingly versatile.
A masterpiece that opens up new worlds of musical freedom with plenty of room for development.
The warm, harmonious sound of the Solista d’arte will touch you, move you, enthrall you. It will get under your skin.
Solista d’arte – sound redefined.

DESIGN 3.8 – See the Smoothness

Flowing, rolling lines… homogeneous, tapering shapes... drop-like keys melting into the keywork... round rather than straight lines... no corners or edges... all curves.


DESIGN 3.8 follows the rules of Mother Nature. A minimalistic approach providing maximum mechanical stability and support where necessary but avoiding weight and mass where possible.

Proportions pleasing to the eye... based on the Golden Ratio, DESIGN 3.8 creates relations that unite form and function. This is the spirit of DESIGN 3.8

DESIGN 3.8 – Feel the Flow

Soft, round and harmonious keys... shapes and fingers melting into one... shapes that create a feeling of connection, stability and reliability... flattering forms to love and cherish.

Finest craftsmanship...

These keys have been developed with sophisticated CAD systems and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. However, the “final touch” is created by hand and with an obsession for detail.

That gives every master instrument its distinctive and real DESIGN 3.8 feel. True to nature. True to the touch.

DESIGN 3.8 – Hear the Unheard

Just like sound waves... round, flowing, never straight... a continuous flow of concave and convex lines... naturally perfect... perfectly natural.

A well-rounded instrument...

DESIGN 3.8 features a parabolic bell, concave or convex tone holes and tapering radii in the inner bore. 

These innovations are based on the principles of fluid mechanics, creating a soft, flexible and vibrant sound. The quest for the perfect sound culminates in DESIGN 3.8

Technical details

Number of keys: 31Info
Design 3.8Info
Weight Bb clarinet: approx. 800gInfo
Density of silver: 50µmInfo
Basic tuning: 443 Hertz (440 Hertz)Info
Micro parabolic inner bore: Ø 14.8-15.2 mmInfo
Extra thick barrel "Silver-Line" 60mm Ø 37mmInfo
Gold-plated pillarsInfo
Body rings made out of grenadilla wood with pure silver ringsInfo
Optimized rolls at B4 / C#5 and C5 and D#5 keysInfo
Water-repellent goat leather padsInfo
+/- adjusting screws made from stainless steelInfo
Flat springs made out of rust-resistant spring steelInfo
Needle springs made out of rust-resistant spring steelInfo
Stainless steel key screwsInfo
Increased pad places made out of grenadilla woodInfo
Tone hole drilling concave and convexInfo
Asymmetrical tone holesInfo
Silent StopInfo
5 ring keys ergonomically optimizedInfo
4 trill keysInfo
C#5 trill keyInfo
Duodecimal connectionInfo
Forked Bb5 mechanismInfo
Forked F5 mechanismInfo
D#5 / Eb5 lever keyInfo
F5 / Bb3 lever keyInfo
E4 resonance keyInfo
E3 / F3 mechanism with adjustable touch pieceInfo
One side distance controlInfo
Thumb plate made out of grenadilla woodInfo
Flexi-Rest "Extra-Comfort"Info
Easy SlideInfo
"Combined tone" woodsInfo
2 year guaranteeInfo
Delivery time: about 5-6 years from order dateInfo

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Delivery time: about 5-6 years from order date