I manufacture sound. My master instruments enable people to personally add to the beauty of music.
My vision is to manufacture the Stradivarius of the clarinet world. My quest to create a pure and beautiful sound. A sound that will excite and deeply touch the world of music.


As a premium one-man manufacturer I build instruments at the highest artistic and technical level. Personal customer relations combined with my specific know-how and my many years of experience allow me to create master instruments. Clarinets that fulfill the high personal ideals of my customers in terms of sound, intonation and design. A GEROLD CLARINET serves as a connecting element between a musician and his music.


My customers are music aficionados and professional musicians with a sense for exquisite beauty and classy design. Their vision and drive let them venture onto new paths. Yet they like to rely on well-tried methods.
My customers value quality traditional craftsmanship fused with the latest technology. GEROLD CLARINETS help them follow their inspiration: to personally add to the beauty of music.

"Serving as a link between technology and music is an exciting and rewarding challenge."

You live and you learn. You grind and you earn...
Thanks to a local company called Hammerschmidt Klarinetten, I learned my trade early on in life. Those years weren’t always easy, but today I am grateful for all the skills I laboriously acquired back then. After successfully completing my apprenticeship I went on to Howarth of London to learn how clarinets are manufactured abroad. Those were critical years for me... new techniques, new methods, new friends... and finally in 1997 the key to starting my own business.
My master craftsman’s diploma, my industrial production manager degree and various management courses each contributed to the intellectual foundation for my company.
What really makes my profession an art is the high degree of personal craftsmanship, the sensitivity required to understand a musician’s individual needs, an extraordinary ability to perceive and conceive sound, combined with a fair share of self-confidence... Serving as a link between technology and music can be quite challenging... yet highly rewarding.

Music... In my early years music was my passion as well as an encounter with another world.
I still hear my parents telling me to spend more time studying for school and less time playing my instrument. I would dedicate all my limited free time to my clarinet.
During my military service I played in the military band and finally had plenty of time for my music... This was my chance to start a music degree program at the university... But life works in mysterious ways... So today, I am enriching the world of music as a clarinet maker rather than a musician. Although I now spend most of my spare time outside, enjoying the outdoors and gaining inspiration for my work, I still love playing the clarinet... all by myself.
I let the sound of the clarinet enchant me. I take it in. And I let it embrace me as we slowly become one.