Silver Line


Because it is a pure noble metal, silver is distinguished by very smooth, rounded but nonetheless splendid sound characteristics which are sustainable and rich in harmonics.
Tonal characteristics, which harmonise wonderfully especially with the Blackwood of the clarinet. It is all the more astonishing that hardly any noble metals have been used in the manufacturing of clarinets to refine the tone.
All the metals on the Blackwood corpus of the clarinet naturally begin to vibrate when you play the clarinet. The property of the metal dictates which frequencies are increased or reduced. This of course means that a very hard metal will reinforce different timbres than a very soft metal, such as silver.
That is also the reason why in the AMADEUS de luxe “Silver-Line” design all (covered) corpus rings, tenon rings, the g’ key and the duodecimal tube are made from pure silver This lets a total amount of more than 40 grams of noble metal resonate on the clarinet corpus.
Silver Line ... barely visible but highly audible...