Reinhard Schwaiger - a specialist in high tones!


Reinhard Schwaiger lends wings to his AMADEUS de luxe in the truest sense of the phrase ... his great love of the instrument is worthy of the high register of his clarinet.

Simply by reason of dedicated practice, his passionate preoccupation with intonation and breathing technique and the desire to experiment with the instrument, Reinhard has succeeded in extending the range of his clarinet to almost undreamed-of heights.

You will find more on this topic in Reinhard Schwaiger's Exkurs für Klarinette mit deutschem System von a``` bis a```` (Excursus for the clarinet with the German system from a``` to a````).

PDF. file (Description and Fingering Chart)


Audio & video made by Reinhard Schwaiger... Thank you for this brilliant video and your appreciation for my clarinets!

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