One side distance control


Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction… two entire years of development have passed from the first idea to the implementation stage... only then the solution was simple enough for us!
The problem:
Wood is a living material; depending on humidity and temperature, the external diameter of the clarinet corpus expands or shrinks which has, of course, substantial consequences for the complex keywork of a clarinet.

Thanks to this simple structure, the movements of wood will no longer have a direct impact on the fit of the flap shafts, whereby sticking or loosening of the keywork is prevented even under extreme climatic conditions.

But there is even more... by means of two rubber rings, uncontrolled detachment of the flap screws is prevented. In addition, substantial absorption of the flap noises comes in pair with the prevention of disturbing vibration transmissions between keywork and wooden corpus!

This comes naturally for our professional Amadeus de luxe models. It is of course also available as an optional add-on for our Modesto de luxe models!