Micro-parabolic mouthpiece inner bore


Balanced intonation. Touching sound.
A precisely fitting inner mouthpiece bore is the basis for the tonal and intonational balance of your GEROLD KLARINETTE.
An absolute novelty, however, is the micro-parabolic shape of this inner mouthpiece bore.
Air flow and sound waves are guided into the clarinet in an optimal radial path. The mouthpiece and clarinet thus merge into a single unit.
This micro-parabolic inner mouthpiece bore allows you to immerse yourself in the unmistakable, velvety-soft sound of a Solista d'arte.
With the help of a special tool, all common mouthpieces (except glass mouthpieces) can be adapted to these tonal and intonation quality standards of your GEROLD KLARINETTE.

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