Gerold Klarinetten Corona sponsoring package


A big thank you for all the fantastic, creative and ingenious contributions!!!
Thanks to:
Katharina Runggatscher
Philip Watson
Martin Stöger
Pia Neururer
Hannah Stöger
Andi Knapp
The Clartists
Sara Falch
Antonia Schneckenleitner
David Lehner
Felix Martl
Johanna Gossner
Franz-Joseph Labmayr
Rok Rupreht

Special thanks to Barbara Chemelli and Bernhard Mitmesser,
who have donated their entire sponsorship amount to 2 freelance musicians who had lost all income due to the current situation.
Thanks also for the contributions outside the sponsoring package to
Robert Oberaigner
Lazlo Kuti
Reinhard Schwaiger
You can see all videos on the Gerold Klarinetten Artist & Friends Playlist