Satined mechanism and clarinet corpus


Originally, it was an unexpected side effect...

The silver-plated mechanism is satined with microscopically small ceramic balls in a sandblasting procedure.

The goal was to enter new paths of design.

Besides the elegant, classical appearance, we have noticed with surprise that this surface has a very pleasant, smooth and warm texture.

However, the biggest advantage consists in the smoother sliding properties, which is especially positive for sliding between the flap combination and in particular for the little fingers.

Similar to the lotus plant, this effect derives from the smaller surface that is touched by the fingers.

This microscopic surface architecture also minimizes adhesion of dirt particles and eliminates unpleasant fingerprints.

According to your personal taste, you can combine a satined mechanism with a shiny or a satined clarinet corpus.

If you wish to keep the classical, silvery gloss of the mechanism, you can also choose the discreet EASY SLIDE version, which only comes with satined sliding surfaces of the little finger claps.

Of course, it is also possible to upgrade your GEROLD-CLARINET with this optical, as well as haptic innovation during a general overhaul.

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