New tone-hole seat design...


Tone-hole seat???... a tone-hole seat is the surface of the tone hole, i.e. the surface that is meant to seal the tone hole together with the flap cushion.

To fulfil this function in the best possible way, all tone-hole seats on GEROLD-CLARINETS have always been not only milled into the clarinet corpus but made with externally twisted grenadilla wood inlays closely attached to the outer wall of the corpus.

The advantages of this sophisticated design especially include reduced air output noises on the tone hole end, an improved air current conduct with a positive impact on the stability of intonation, as well as a totally smooth contact and/or sealing surface for the flap cushion.

In order to also reduce the contact noises of the cushion, the slightly bent contact surface of the tone-hole seat is from now on manufactured with a particular radius whereby the attenuating capacity of the cushion is substantially improved.

For all acousticians... this radius works, albeit only in the minimum range, like a small parabolic antenna dispersing the sound waves in infinite angles... this will certainly be no disadvantage either! 

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