GEROLD CLARINETS hard rubber mouthpiece-blank (without tip)


The ideal arrangement for your personal tip.

GEROLD CLARINETS are known for their mellow, malleable tone, rich in harmonics.

The logical way to complement this acoustic pattern is to perfectly design the clarinet mouthpiece also on the inside.

With the aid of a special tool the inner bore of this hard rubber mouthpiece-blank is adjusted to the specific tonal standards of quality and intonation of a Gerold clarinet.

The fine-stream blasting process for the interior of the satined mouthpiece is an absolute novelty.  

This micro-fine surface optimises the airflow and produces a distinctive, velvety, mellow clarinet tone.

As an exclusive service for all GEROLD CLARINET customers, the Maxton Company will mill-cut your personal mouthpiece tip or any mouthpiece tip sold by Maxton on to this hard rubber mouthpiece-blank.

(€ 72, - per mouthpiece-tip, € 92, - for a copy of a personal mouthpiece-tip)

Just send this hard rubber mouthpiece blank directly to the Maxton Company. The postal address is enclosed with the mouthpiece.

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Price € 125, -
buy 2 items -5%
3 or more -10%

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