An inconspicuous change in design...


Real GEROLD CLARINETS fans will spot it immediately...
... a slight modification of the pillars (pillars). The name for the link pins between the clarinet corpus and mechanism). The reason for this change does not really lied in the design but in the choice of material. 
Usually pillars are made to order by specialist firms and bought as an additional component. Pillars are usually made to order in nickel silver. (Nickel silver is a copper-nickel-zinc alloy with very good machining properties; the name comes from the silver color of the surface and has nothing to do with silver!)
However, not all nickel silver is the same!
There are all sorts of different compositions of nickel silver. (alloys)
The only way to decide, which nickel silver is most suitable for a GEROLD CLARINET, was ultimately not to buy pillars off the peg, but to have them produced to specific request on the lathe.
Jointly with Wolfgang Glanzl, a specialist of genius on the lathe, we have made this our business.
As a result of this collaboration our pillars have a significantly reduced production tolerance, a nickel silver alloy with a higher tonal quality and, last but not least, the familiar GEROLD CLARINET design.

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