A hygrometer for your instrument case - what for?


These have long been standard in top quality violin cases.

Wood always retains a small residue of moisture, depending in particular on the relative humidity of the ambient air. This residue lies at around 4 - 8 % with grenadilla wood.

Of course, the relative humidity of the air varies with the seasons. The summer months experience higher air humidity, whereas the air becomes drier in the winter months. In particular the air humidity in rooms heated to high temperatures is often very low, below 30 %. The over-dry air in the room of course sucks the moisture out of the grenadilla wood, which reduces its elasticity and leads to a higher risk that it will crack! Relative air humidity of between 40 % and 70 % is ideal for storing a clarinet.

For easy measurement of the humidity of the air we have recently begun recommending a small digital hygrometer, which can easily be attached to the lid of the instrument case by means of a hook and loop fastener. From now on of course this digital hygrometer is included with all new GEROLD-CLARINETS clarinet cases!

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