The new thumb plate "Flaty"

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Flat, customized and secure.

The thumb plate "Flaty" can be positioned exactly where it is most comfortable for you.
It gives you security and stability and helps you to find a more relaxed, ergonomic hand position. 
This somewhat wider, more relaxed yet stable hand position helps or makes it easier for you to improve your playing technique.

Size Ø 29mm:
Universal size for all clarinets with a body diameter of 29mm +/- 1mm
Size Ø 33mm:
For assemblage in combination with GEROLD CLARINET grenadilla wood thumb-plate.

The new "Flaty" thumb plate is made in a very sophisticated, modern 3D printing process from high-quality, very durable and stable polymer.

In combination with a E3 / F3 mechanism the thumb plate "Flaty" has to be adjusted individually!