GEROLD CLARINETS soloist hard rubber mouthpiece (tips: GO1 / GO2 / GO3)

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Thanks to our collaboration with the Viennese mouthpiece expert Johannes Gleichweit, we are able to offer three of the most popular, tried and tested mouthpiece tips in combination with the GEROLD CLARINETS hard rubber mouthpiece.

(See also information on GEROLD CLARINETS hard rubber mouthpiece-blank without tip)

Our G01 / G02 / G03 models are based on the NA-PG, H2-7 and Schorn/Klinser tips.

The tip openings of 0.79 mm / 0.82 mm/ 0.83 mm respectively cover a very wide-ranging tonal spectrum and are suitable for almost all playing styles and preferences.

The fine-stream blasting process for the interior of the satined mouthpiece and the satined mouthpiece tip is an absolute novelty.

These micro-fine surfaces optimize the airflow and soften the impact of the clarinet reed.

This innovation produces a unique playing experience, combined with a velvety, soft, full clarinet tone.