A masterpiece of sound.
Craftsmanship. Expertise. Innovation. All united and perfected in a master instrument.
Smooth, supple, touching sound. Deeply emotional. Refreshingly versatile.
A masterpiece that opens up...

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The contours of the upper and lower joint are slightly parabolic. 
This is barely visible to the eye. As a result, there is a uniform, consistent radius across the entire clarinet corpus. 
This parabolic shape reflects...

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The upper and lower joint are made from the same piece of grenadilla wood.
This ensures that their vibration behavior as well as their tonal and playing characteristics are identical.
This complex construction...
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Gold has a very pure, clear and direct vibration behavior. Applied in small amounts, it ideally enhances the velvety, soft, harmonic sound of silver. In the Gold-Silver Line, the second protective ring of the barrel...
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Bach, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Ravel… They all loved the soft, veiled and slightly sonorous sound of the oboe d'amore. So why not enhance the clarinet with this sensual sound? D’amore clarinets were actually already built...
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Absolutely unique... harmony of functionality and design! This beautiful microfiber cloth do not only enchant the interior of your case but is also very suitable for cleaning your GEROLD CLARINET.
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Flat, customized and secure.
The thumb plate "Flaty" can be positioned exactly where it is most comfortable for you.
It gives you security and stability and helps you to find a more relaxed, ergonomic hand position. ...
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Grenadilla wood is certainly the most popular and most commonly used wood for clarinets.
However, there are several other very interesting types of tone woods that can make your sound more unique.
Until now, these...
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A direct, immediate connection with the wooden sound body of your GEROLD CLARINET.
Feel the vibration and sound as a unity with your instrument.
Without the fourth ring key, the index finger of the right hand can rest...
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One ring key less, 3 pillars less, 20 grams less metal.
Less milling in the clarinet body, fewer sound-disturbing factors.
The result? A more natural feel and a purer sound.
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Basically, this is the standard cylindrical inner bore of a clarinet.
Microscopically, however, you can see that it is not parallel-cylindrical, but has a slight parabolic course of +/- 0.2 mm over the entire length of...
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The specific shape of the GEROLD CLARINETS >>Pure.Sound<< ligature evenly distributes the force across the center of the reed. The ligature safely holds the reed in place. By applying pressure at the center, it provides...
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The Flexi-Rest "Extra Comfort" thumb rest features a substantially larger surface to rest your thumb on and an even rounder and more ergonomic shape while still providing maximum flexibility for your thumb. Enjoy the...
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Sound in its purest form. Pristine. Unaltered. Enhanced to the minimum.
Nothing but handmade perfection. A striking design that combines form and function.
A master instrument radically reduced to the essential....
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The ideal arrangement for your personal tip.
GEROLD CLARINETS are known for their mellow, malleable tone, rich in harmonics.
The logical way to complement this acoustic pattern is to perfectly design the clarinet...
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Find your ideal arrangement...
Thanks to our collaboration with the Viennese mouthpiece expert Johannes Gleichweit, we are able to offer three of the most popular, tried and tested mouthpiece tips in combination with...
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With the help of this small, self-rebuilt engraving device we can now implement your personal engravings on the thumb plate!
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Reinhard Schwaiger lends wings to his AMADEUS de luxe in the truest sense of the phrase ... his great love of the instrument is worthy of the high register of his clarinet.
Simply by reason of dedicated practice, his...
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Density, hardness, grain - every tonewood is a natural product. Its growth as an individual, unique tree is reflected in its personal sound characteristics.
Just as in violin making, tonewoods are selected by tapping...
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Because it is a pure noble metal, silver is distinguished by very smooth, rounded but nonetheless splendid sound characteristics which are sustainable and rich in harmonics.
Tonal characteristics, which harmonise...
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Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction ... von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung sind ganze zwei Jahre Entwicklungszeit vergangen ... erst dann war für uns die Lösung einfach genug! Die Problematik: Holz ist immer in Bewegung;...
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